Sunday, December 27, 2009

37 weeks

I turned 37 weeks on Christmas Day. That means I'm officially full term! Let's just hope that the next 3 days don't put me into labor. I have contractions all of the time, but none of them are painful. Well, except for the ones that squeeze the heck out of my bladder.

This is what happens in the next 3 days, in this order:
-Monday - finish last minute stuff at our house
-movers come to pack
-doctor's appointment
-close on our new house
-cleaners go to the new house
-movers move us
-close on the sell of our house
-Cable company going to new house

Wednesday night will be the first night for us in the new house. I'm nervous about how Jack will take it, but he has been to the house a bunch of times and asks to go to the "new house" a lot, so I think he'll be fine. He even gets upset, when we leave the house.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

I can't explain how happy I am creating all of our family traditions. I spent a wonderful day with Jason and Jack just hanging out at home. This evening, Jason had a talk with Jack about tomorrow being Jesus' birthday and Santa coming to bring him presents for being good. Then, Jason told Jack that Santa loved cookies and milk, so the 3 of us baked cookies for Santa. We each had a cookie and glass of milk and then set some out for Santa. I'm trying to cherish Jack's last 2 weeks as an only child. Here are some pics from our evening:

Daddy, with his "milk":

We are hoping that Jack won't wake up with a black eye. He pulled a table over on top of himself. The table pretty much landed on him and hit is face before anything else. Jason told me about the time he got stitches on Christmas. I'll always remember the Christmas, when I was sick and throwing up.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Christmas Round 1:
Two weekends ago, we celebrated Christmas with LeeLee and Big J. (And, Aunt Jennifer, even though she couldn't come.) Jack caught on to the opening of presents pretty quickly. He received lots of great toys; including a train set (from Aunt Jennifer), some DVDs, some clothes, a big Mickey Mouse and a Tonka truck.

Christmas Round 2:
Tonight, we celebrated Christmas with Kiki, Grandad, and Gran. He received a couple of trackers, some clothes, a train set (from Gran), and a portable DVD player. He also received 2 Richard Scarry books from Uncle David and Aunt Sarah. Jason missed the second half of the present opening due to the gash he received to his finger. He was trying to open the package to his present, when he looked up at Jack and pushed his index finger down on the sharp side of a pocket knife. ouch.

I have missed getting to see Uncle James, Aunt Jen, and Cousin Will, this Christmas.

I'm not sure that I'll make another post, before the baby comes. Who, by the way, also got lots of Christmas presents. Things are getting a little crazy around here. We close on our new house, next Tuesday, December 29th. That same day, I have a doctor's appointment, the movers come to pack us, and the cleaning people go out to the new house. The movers will move us next Wednesday. If I could have my way, we would move on December 30th and the baby would come January 1st. Jason disagrees because of the Auburn game. I've just about reached my limit of aches, pains, and uncomfortableness. I'm ready to hold my baby boy, in my arms.

I can't look at this picture without thinking that Dugan just saw Santa Claus:

Monday, December 7, 2009

This was the picture I caught of Jack as they were leaving the sanctuary. I don't think he knew it was me taking his picture.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Coming Soon...

This morning, Jack was in a Christmas Pageant. It was at the church, where we send him to daycare. All of the 2s, 3s, and 4s, were part of it. It's sad that while most parents were waving at their child, Jason and I were ducking and hiding so that he wouldn't see us. Just as expected, he made a huge fuss, when we left him in his classroom to get ready. Not in my wildest dreams could I picture him willingly going up there in front of one hundred or so people. But, he did. They have been practicing a lot, so I guess he was just used to it. Also, we have been singing Away in A Manger every night for the last 3 weeks getting ready for it. I'm not sure that he actually sang, but he did a couple of the motions. I did get it on video and hope to get it posted in the near future.

We kind of have a lot going on. Not only am I pushing the 9 month mark, but we sold our house and bought another one. Both closing dates are at the end of this month. I'm starting to think that we have lost our minds. But, it will be worth it, when I get to spend my maternity leave in a nice new house!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sad Times

I'm sorry to say that Jason's grandmother passed away, a couple of days ago. I will truly miss listening to her tell stories in her true, south Alabama drawl. I know that she will be greatly missed by many people. I am sorry that I am not able to go to the funeral. My thoughts and prayers are with Jason and his family.

This picture was taken on July 21, 2007: