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What a life!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Friday, February 22, 2008

Dinner at Brio

I forgot to mention that on Wednesday night Joe took us to Brio for dinner. Amy and Jane could not make it, so it was Joe, Steve, Jason, Jack, and me. I wasn't sure how Jack would behave considering it would be pushing his bed time and he has only sat in a restaurant high chair, once. He was great. It was pretty crowded and we were right in the middle of everyone. The waitress and a few other people commented on how chubby his cheeks are.


Once again, we are reminded of how much we dislike Charter. We had weeks of problems with them, last summer. There was even one instance where the guy blatantly lied and reported that he had visited our house and the problem was fixed. We were here all day and never saw him and there was no change in our cable. We had cable TV problems early this week and even though that was fixed, we have been without Internet until this morning. It has driven me crazy. I was convinced that I had missed 3 emails from everyone I know. haha.

Anyway, last night Jack and I went to visit the Cochrun's. Fionnuala was there, as well. I can't believe that Steven has gotten so tall. He will be 14 this May! I began nannying for him when he was 6 years old and continued picking him up from school until I was about 7 months pregnant.

Now, a little update on Jack, since this site is about him: He moves constantly. He still "army" crawls around and then sits up when he gets to where he wants to go. Jack is always on his hands and knees in the morning, but this morning he was actually sitting in his crib!! It was adorable because he was just sitting there sucking his 2 fingers.

Steven's old high chair

Just like a teenager, Steven texted the whole time we were there

I love TomTom so much and terrified that every time I see him, it will be the last. He is amazingly old. They started calling him Grandpa Cochrun about 5 years ago. He used to be a big, menacing alley cat and now he looks so frail, but he still gets good reports from the Vet.

Of course, I love this picture.

He sees Sam and Dugan do this all the time.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


We headed out, Friday, to Andalusia. It was a good visit. Jason and his dad played golf on Saturday. Jack, LeeLee, and I hung out at home.

Today, Aunt Susu, Uncle Jim, and Grandmother came into town to celebrate birthdays. (Of course, Aunt Jennifer was there too) It was an exciting day. Of course the highlight of the day had nothing to do with celebrating our birthdays, but watching Daytona. Amazingly, not even tornado sirens could pull the guys away from the Race. haha. It was a treacherous day in south Alabama. Well, central Alabama had the most damage.

The race ended so late that we decided to spend tonight and head out early in the morning. Too bad that I packed this morning. Oh, well.

Jack in his new car seat.

What are they looking at?

"Is that my cat, Dugan?" No, it's Jake. He let Jack pull his fur and tail. It didn't phase him.

Uncle Jim

Before the severe weather

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another trip to HSV

Jack and I hit the road, again, to visit David in Huntsville. David works all of the time, so this was only the second time I've seen him, since last summer. He has to take a week off to make the trip worthwhile, since he lives in North Carolina.

We are heading back to Birmingham, today, and then set off for Andalusia on Friday. Jason's birthday is the 20th.

Celebrating our Birthday! One more year left in our 20s!!

Uncle David brought Jack a sweatshirt from where he works.

The weather was beautiful, which was definitely a contrast from our last visit.

Friday, February 8, 2008

My Sleeping Angel

I went to peek at Jack about an hour after I put him to bed (I still do that many times while he is napping or down for the night) and he was moving so much that I figured he had heard me walking down the hallway. So, I looked into the room and then jumped back, quickly, because I thought he saw me. This happened 3 times before I realized that he was asleep, but very restless. Of course, I grabbed the video camera and caught my sleeping baby on tape. Thank goodness for night vision.

By the way, he did this for at least 2 hours. When I went to bed, he was still moving. I was very tempted to wake him up so that he would roll over and sleep soundly, but I didn't.


Jason and Jack got some bonding time on Wednesday night, while I went to SipsnStrokes with some friends.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Jason and I hosted a Super Bowl party, last Sunday, and an unusual thing happened... everyone brought all of their children. Usually, some people come without kids or they just bring one. We had a house full. It was fun. There were 5 children all over the place. Jack loves to be around other kids. He becomes very quiet and stares at everything going on.

Then, last night Heather and Wes had some people over for gumbo and hurricanes. It was a nice visit. We had not seen Jackson, since last Fall. He is getting so big.

Kelcy and Libby playing in Jack's toy box.

Jack always crawls over to his toy baskets and pulls everything out.

He loved all of Heather's Mardi Gras beads. He played with them on their hardwood floors the entire time.