Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday!

We want to wish Jack's cousin, Will, a very happy 1st birthday! We are looking forward to celebrating this milestone with you this weekend.

Jason, Leesa, and Jack

Sunday, July 26, 2009


LeeLee and Big J spent last week visiting relatives in Michigan. They stopped by Birmingham on their way home and dropped off some gifts.

Jack got a t-shirt from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. (his hair looks funky because he had just taken a bath)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weary Travelers

Jack and I have been on the road, a lot, this summer. I was thinking things would slow down, after this weekend, but in the next 7 weeks, we have trips planned to Atlanta (Will's 1st b'day), Andalusia, and North Carolina. And, Jason has a trip to New Orleans, during all of that. It makes me tired just thinking about it. I am actually ready to return to work and get some routine back in my life.

Jack and I had a great time in Atlanta. I had not seen Jack's cousin Will, in about 6 months. He has changed and grown so much. I joked that Jason might not let us go back to ATL. Jack fell down the front, concrete steps, he fell down on the front sidewalk, and he fell in between the twin bed and the wall. Then, about an hour after we returned to Huntsville, he slammed the lid of the piano shut and it pinched the skin on his belly. Ouch!

Happy Birthday, Kiki!! (Today, is Gran's 81st b'day!!)

Uncle James and Aunt Jen surprised her with a cake.

Jack made this face in every picture we took together. He must get his love of having his picture made from his Uncle David.

I can't believe this picture worked out so well. Who new a toddler and 2 dogs would be so cooperative in a picture.

Fortunately, this was not attached to a water hose.

Jack loved playing with Will's beads. Here, he is helping Will play with them.

I should have put Jack closer to Will. I was afraid he might knock Will over.

He also made it to the 2nd level.

Headed home. He traveled great both ways. It took us around 4 hours to get from Huntsville to Atlanta. But, we had a pregnant women that still uses the bathroom a lot and a toddler who was lucky enough to get McDonald's sundaes on both trips.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Is this creepy?

A little bit sweeter pic...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Quick Funny Story

Usually, in the mornings, when Jason leaves for work, Jack just waves at him and says, "bye bye DaDa". Since the long week we spent at the beach, Jack has had a different reaction to Jason's leaving for work... he screams and cries. Well, Monday morning he cried and cried when Jason left. About 15 minutes after he calmed down, he burst into tears. I ran in to the kitchen and said, "Jack, what is the matter!" He said, "Dada's pen!!". Basically, he saw the crossword and pen Jason had been using that morning and started crying. I couldn't help but laugh.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Glad to Be Home

We had a great time, at the beach, but I am happy to be home. We were gone 9 days.

The cats wreaked havoc on our house:
1. Alley broke another ceiling tile, in the basement. Which is interesting, since we were not aware that she had found a way to jump into the ceiling, from inside the house. hmmm. She seems to be some kind of supercat.
2. They ate more than was even possible for 3 cats. Our friend who stopped by the house a few times, called us a little bit worried that the bowls of food were empty each time he went by.
3. Someone threw up all over our bedroom. They usually do this when we leave them for very long periods of time. I think Dugan makes himself sick from eating so much. His diet is restricted, when we are at home.
4. The downstairs bathroom looked like one giant litterbox. They had tracked litter everywhere.

Jack had a very hard time readjusting to the "real world". He was a lot whinier than we have ever seen him. I think he was just exhausted. He pretty much had his way the entire week and was not too accepting of the word, "no", when we arrived home. "No, you cannot have chocolate milk." "No, you cannot have a piece of cake, when you wouldn't eat your lunch." "No, you cannot watch Bear in the Big Blue House. It is time for bed." "No, you cannot play with the IPOD."

Playing in the Ocean

This picture makes me laugh because his face is covered in sand.

He actually kind of enjoyed this.

Playing catch. This is how Jason taught him to catch a ball.

I think he looks so grown up in this picture. (Except for sucking his fingers. haha) His legs look so long and lean, like his daddy's.

I don't know when the finger habit will end. I can't remember when my mom said David stopped sucking his two fingers.

The best part about the Lee's beach house is that the neighborhood owns the beach, so there are no condos on it. Usually, it is peacefully quiet, but it still gets packed on holidays.

This is only the second time Jack has had a caffeinated beverage. (Except for sips of tea)

I took about 15 pictures of him in the sea oats, but this was about the only good one. He was not interested.