Sunday, August 30, 2009

For Hire...

Do they know what goes on in the bathroom, on the weekends? We have our 2 year old clean up, in his diaper and water shoes. Consider this a sneak peak of the bathroom remodel. I really didn't want to post any pictures until it was finished.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It has been my personal mission, lately, to NOT get sick. At work, I clean my tables twice a day, wash my hands 5 times a day, and use hand sanitizer 10 times a day. If a child sneezes, while sitting at one of my tables, I clean it with Clorox Cleaner, after they leave. I feel like my efforts are futile because I keep getting this tickle, in my throat, that will eventually develop into something.

On Monday, I called Jack's daycare, at 10am, to tell them that I lost the most recent newsletter and I couldn't remember when the Teacher Work Day was. Well, it's a good thing I called, because it was the next day! Fortunately, my parents were able to make a last minute trip to Bham. Little did they know the trip would last longer than one day. Jack's nose started running and he began a cough about a week ago. Well, he woke up Tuesday with crud on his eye. They were swollen and draining all day, but not red. He woke up, today, with the other eye matted shut and swollen, but still not red. I talked to the nurse and she said that, if it is not red, then it is not Pink Eye. She said his Cold was just draining out of his eyes. Ew. I didn't know it could do that. Fortunately, she prescribed him something, without having to see him.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Moving Day

This should, hopefully, be my last post for awhile about our cats. (but, they are family too) Alley moved out, today. I have been sad about it, all week. After all, she has lived with us for 7 months. She was a great cat. It's just that we didn't need 3 cats, with another baby on the way. I found a teacher, at my school, to take her. She lives in a big house, out in the country, and has 2 cats that she loves.

On another note: We got a nice surprise about Sam, today. We took her in to the Vet to have her second drain removed and they went ahead and removed the stitches. Originally, the stitches were going to stay in for 10 days, but her Vet thought they could come out. We were getting very weary of trips to the Vet. Including her annual visit, we have taken Sam to the vet 7 times in 3 weeks.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's a Boy!

Jack is going to have a baby brother...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fun After a Hair Cut

I wanted to take a picture of Jack's new haircut. Well, he got it wet, during his bath. I dried it and then he took the hair dryer from me. Somehow, in 3 minutes, he put his bangs into a permanent cowlick. Thus, ruining my picture attempts. Not to mention he was in a goofy mood...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Big 4-0!

40 years ago, today, my parents were married...






Saturday, August 15, 2009

So much better

I decided that Sam's wound was not getting any better. Not only did she still have the a large hole, but a different area of dead skin came off. I knew that was good, but it sure looked bad. I called the Vet, yesterday morning. They said to bring her back in. Her antibiotic was almost out and we had been treating the wound for 5 days. So I took her in Friday afternoon, at 3pm. The doctor said that the wound looked great. What!? She said that it looked very clean and this was a long process for it to heal. She said that it didn't have to be closed. It would eventually close on its own, but I could opt to have her close it. Well, I decided to have her close it. I am very happy with my decision. It makes me so much happier to see it closed and she seems to feel great. She is even laying in my bed, as I type.

I never posted any true "before picures". I thought it was a bit graphic.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Every once in a while I get the desire for "change". Sometimes this comes at work and sometimes at home. When at work, I can move my computers around or change my students assigned seats. That will usually do the trick. When at home, I might move furniture, move some pictures, or paint a room. Well, other than the fact that we have a big "change" growing in my belly, we just got a whole lot of "change" in one day. Last week we painted Jack's bedroom and, today, his new furniture came! I have been so excited about getting it. Because of this, we spent Saturday moving lots of furniture in the house. Also, today began our master bathroom remodel. The demo people were here, today, and will finish up tomorrow. I'm not going to post any pics until we are through.

I think Jack is ready for a haircut. I have to get his hair cut every couple of months. It grows so fast.

Update on Sam: Our Vet would not sew her shut. They said that her wound still had bacteria in it and it was surrounded by dead skin. So, we have to put ointment on it for 7 days. Apparently, after that time it probably won't need stitching. I find that hard to believe. She has a hole, the size of a quarter, at the base of her tail. Fortunately, she tolerates the application of ointment into the hole better than we do. Giving her oral antibiotics is an entirely different story.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Emergency Vet

We had our fist experience with the Emergency Vet clinic, this morning. I woke up and found blood all over our kitchen and den. After a couple of calls to our own personal Vet (Aunt Jen), I took a closer look and realized that Sam had an oozing sore, at the base of her tail. Well, I guess it was oozing and bleeding. So, we headed to the Vet. It turned out that Sam had a nasty, abscessed wound on her rear end. I can't believe that I had not noticed it. She has been very distant since her annual check-up last week, so I haven't had much contact with her. The most likely explanation for her wound is that she had an altercation with Alley. Sam likes to pick fights with Alley. The emergency Vet kindly told us that we could wait until tomorrow to have the wound sutured close, at our normal Vet, since he would be a lot more expensive. So, they cleaned out the wound, put her on antibiotics, and bandaged her up. Unfortunately, the bandage does not cover the open wound. It is truly disgusting. Just a nice big hole. Here is a "G-rated" picture of Sam's wound. If you lift up her tail, you find the nasty stuff...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Videos are Back

Apparently, Jack is a Taylor Swift fan...

Let it be noted....


This morning, Jack and I watched a scrawny looking fox saunter down our street. This makes a nice addition to the coyote my mother saw in the front yard a couple of months ago. Now I'm debating whether each of us is correct. I am not exactly a specialist on coyotes and foxes. Oh yeah, about a year ago, my neighbor, across the street, shot and killed a copperhead. I thought we lived in the suburbs.

After we watched the fox, Jack went and found one of his books that has a fox in it to show me. I didn't even remember that it was in there or I probably would have beat him to it.