Monday, August 8, 2011

Beach Fun

We were fortunate to fit in a third trip to the beach, this summer. It is so wonderful to have a beach house to visit that doesn't require a reservation. =) This trip was special because Jack and Holden had friends for the trip. I was worried about four little kids, in one bedroom, but it worked out great. The last night we put the two toddlers down, at the same time. They fussed for about 2 minutes and went to sleep. It was great!

Next year we will need a bigger pool


Taking after their mommies

The seaweed was bad, but the water depth was perfect

Jack and Marina loved the pac-n-plays

Ready for bedtime

The next few pictures are funny. We were all ready to leave and were trying to get a few last pictures. There was an argument because Jack wanted to put arms around each other and Marina wanted to hold hands....

An added bonus: When we returned to our house, LeeLee and Big J were there. The boys were excited.